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Fine Food and Healthy Living Asia

Join Aussie Ian Nenke and American Todd Lejnieks as they navigate throughout Asia, talking to great chefs, eating fine food and exploring healthy lifestyles.

Mar 12, 2018

Richard Frick of Spize - Temasek Club  

After Culinary school in Frankfort, Germany at the age of 17, Richard went to Switzerland and found his passion for cooking from working with a French Chef. Skiing in the mornings, cooking in the afternoons and evenings. Then, he made his way to Malta where he learned to cook Mediterranean food. Chef Richard shares his Yabbie cooking technique. Discussion of food waste and why it is important to use all of the food with no waste. Respect for the animal and for the planet. Later, he moved to Dana Point, California and later worked on the Sea Cloud, a cruise ship before making his way through Lichtenstein where he worked in a Michelin star fine-dining, Restaurant, Maree. Upcoming menu additions at Spize

What is the Temasek Club?

The blessing and curse of sourcing food in Singapore.

Future plans of Chef Richard - finish his culinary education in Australia then open a restaurant back in Germany--a fusion of all he has learned into one place. Inspired by Chefs Table

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