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Fine Food and Healthy Living Asia

Join Aussie Ian Nenke and American Todd Lejnieks as they navigate throughout Asia, talking to great chefs, eating fine food and exploring healthy lifestyles.

Dec 13, 2017

Podcast Episode #2 Show Notes: Ian and Todd speak with Chef Gunther of Gunther’s, which is celebrating 10 years in Singapore. Chef Gunther talks about his upbringing, working in his family restaurant and how he made his way from Bruges, via Paris and an economy ticket to Sydney, Australia with a fateful layover in Singapore. Breaking news is announced about an upcoming change to the restaurant. Style of service and catering options are discussed, particularly home catering. Imagine Chef Gunther cooking in your home! He explains his style of service, showing customers the ingredients, in homage to his father, who used to do the same back in his family restaurant, and the importance of using fresh product, especially seafood.