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Fine Food and Healthy Living Asia

Join Aussie Ian Nenke and American Todd Lejnieks as they navigate throughout Asia, talking to great chefs, eating fine food and exploring healthy lifestyles.

Jul 9, 2018

We're back from a bit of a break and we've got some wonderful podcasts lined up. What were we doing for the last month? For starters, Todd returned to his roots in Petaluma, California to attend the Pachamama Alliance Global Gathering. Environmental activists, social justice thought leaders and those deeply rooted in the spiritual underpinning of the Pachamama Alliance spoke at the gathering, including Lynne and Bill Twist, John Perkins, Paul Hawken, Charles Eisenstein, Drew Dellinger, Rev. Deborah Johnson and Brian Swimme. In this podcast, Todd shares his experience of the event and we also listen to clips from some of the speakers. For a full list of speakers and some of their presentations, see our Facebook page.